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Online icebreakers to get participants to speak up & connect with the power of pictures.
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You are a team lead?

Foster psychological safety in your team!

Teams are most effective when their members know and care about each other. Make them talk about what matters.

You are a trainer?

Open minds and hearts of your participants!

Use an online icebreaker for a personal check-in, a creative introduction round or have a powerful session closing.

You are a coach or therapist?

Help clients visualise their goals and challenges!

Have clients discover personal resources in or anchor their goal with an image! Let them choose two to visualise options.

Sparking human connection at

Hear from our users

A picture is worth a thousand words is one of my favorite tools for online workshops & coaching: I usually use it to start the session. For choosing an icebreaker question, I am often creative and ask, for example:

  • What is your mood right now?
  • How did you perceive the collaboration today?
  • What do you wish for the coming year?

My experience with this kind of online icebreakers:

  1. the participants don’t answer mechanically but really feel inside themselves.
  2. when the participants then share why they chose this image, they answer honestly and show a little more of themselves.
  3. when people show a little more of themselves, in my experience there is a stronger connection.
  4. this connectedness then leads to a better mood and more constructive collaboration.


Coach & Lean Management Consultant at BMW


My participants & clients are enthusiastic.

I’m so grateful to have these days. This weekend we had our General Assembly, also discussing online tools for supervision and coaching online. After three days of Zoom meeting, I moderated the wrap-up by using online icebreaker. We were able to share 24 pictures and reflect what the 3 days had brought to the participants. Everybody was very enthusiastic and we were able to do it in 25 minutes. I love it.


(Meta-)Supervisor, Workshopmoderator, Coach

How it works: A simple but powerful experience

STEP 1: Create an icebreaker

Visit, select a card deck and a guiding question for your participants.

Guide question you can choose or create in your online icebreakers
The metaFox team using online icebreakers for meeting checkins

STEP 2: Invite your participants

Invite your participants by sharing a custom link. They don’t need an account and join your icebreaker with one click.

STEP 3: Everyone chooses cards

Everyone takes a minute to reflect and chooses a card which speaks to them – and makes them speak.
Each team member talks about the picture they chose in online icebreakers

STEP 4: Take turns sharing

Take turns presenting your cards – and enjoy connecting & learning about each other.

Use cases: Human connection in the virtual world

icebreakers for online meetings

Your team is bored from Weekly Meetings in the home office? Start your session with an online icebreaker question like “What picture represents your last week?” – and be surprised how the team opens up when sharing personal stories.

icebreaker in an online meeting
online icebreakers for Zoom coaching

online icebreakers for coaching

You want to check-in with your coachee in an online coaching session on Zoom? Use a session to offer them picture cards to reflect on their emotional state or to anchor a goal they have set in your session.

icebreaker for online classes

One of the biggest challenges in online education is to engage students. Overcome it with online icebreaker games: help your students connect the topic of your online class to their personal experience by having them choose a picture card and share with their peers.

icebreaker for online classes

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